The candidate for mayor of SDSM in Bitola Hristo Kondovski for two years abused the disability of his late mother Cvetanka Kondovska for personal financial gain, the Netpress news portal reported.

According to the documents published on the news portal, Kondovski abused the documents for the disability of his late mother in order to afford reduced vehicle registration fees, privileges that the state provides to the disabled. 

Hristo Kondovski knowingly committed this crime through his companies where he is a manager and co-owner. Kondovski is a man who for petty and miserable personal financial gain abused his own deceased mother (disabled), his own companies that he manages and damaged the state and insurance companies, for which he should be held accountable both morally and criminally, accuses Netpress.


На социјалните мрежи пред неколку дена се објави и фотографија од казнена евиденција која покажува дека во 2003 Кондовски бил осуден за тешка кражба.