Kosovan President Vjosa Osmani and Stevo Pendarovski discussed today the plan by the Zaev regime to reopen several extremely divisive criminal cases – including the 2015 attack by a group of Albanian terrorists on the city of Kumanovo and the 2012 massacre of five Macedonians, including four youngsters, by three Albanian Islamists.

In the first case, the attackers came from Kosovo – and were later given heroes’ burials there. In the 2012 Good Friday massacre, Kosovo harbors two of the three killers.

Zaev agreed to ask for an international review of the two cases on request from the Albanian Alternative party, which made this one of its demands before agreeing to support Zaev’s fledging Government.

We need to wait for the trial for Kumanovo, ahead of the Macedonian Supreme Court, to end. Anything else I would say would be a political statement that doesn’t help the case, President Osmani said speaking about the attack on Kumanovo.

She added that if Prime Minister Zaev is prepared to agree to an international review of the trial, then Kosovo will support this.