The constitutional amendments won’t be delayed. By setting up an expert group its work will practically start the process, which will then enter procedures that are defined by law, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said Wednesday.

I believe that our country has the capacity, first of all, democratic capacity, but also European capacity and vision, and this decision to continue our European path will not be a hostage to the personal career of just one person in the country, who is ready for the sake of his personal seat to risk interrupting a process that means ensuring full-fledged membership in the EU, which brings with it increased investments, salaries, a higher standard of living for citizens, top institutions, top European legislation, here in our country because our citizens want and deserve to live in the EU, but here in our country and not in a foreign country, Kovacevski said.

The prime minister did not answer when the commission that will work on constitutional amendments will be set up. He just repeated that the team for the preparation of constitutional amendments will be set up in the Ministry of Justice, and that it will include top experts in the field of constitutional law and law and representatives of political parties because, as he said, this process requires a wide political and social consensus.