Kovacevski does not have a majority for constitutional amendments, more and more MPs are abandoning their loyalty to him, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Nine MPs from SDS do not support constitutional changes. Three MPs from the 1st and 2nd electoral districts do not agree with such constitutional changes, and 6 MPs from the interior believe that voting on the constitutional changes is the worst thing that SDS can do. Not even MPs from SDS are afraid of Kovacevski, and there are people in SDS who are aware of the harmful anti-national policies of this leadership.

That Kovacevski does not have the support of his MPs also shows the fact that the efforts to draft a document that all the MPs will vote on the constitutional amendments as they are formulated, due to the opposition of the above-mentioned MPs, have failed.

SDS and DUI are headed for a deadlock. Instead of Kovacevski holding the whole of Macedonia hostage, he should dissolve the Parliament and hold early parliamentary elections. VMRO-DPMNE has a plan to overcome the crisis, which is based on three pillars, which first requires elections and a change of government, said the opposition party.