The legitimacy of Kovacevski’s government has been lost from the beginning, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The pawn Kovacevski  was installed by his mentor Zoran Zaev. He was also appointed in the party as a supporter of Zaev, surrounded by old and worn out staff, and we see that he was also instructed in relation to the government. Zaev negotiated it for him, Zaev compiled it for him, Zaev approved his government, and the pawn Kovacevski is just an executor. That is why the government of the pawn Kovacevski is a government of the Zaevism with all the continuity of crime, corruption and incompetence.

The same people that brought the country to its knees, that ruined the economy, that created an unprecedented energy crisis, that made Macedonia the most corrupt country in Europe with the poorest and most unhappy people, those same people cannot be a solution and a future. If we see that Spasovski, Nikolovski, Maricic, Bytiqy, Bocvarski and all DUI people remain in the government, it is clear that with this government Macedonia will sink into agony for several more months. These people are synonymous with incompetence who were part of the crime team of the previous Zaevism government.

Such a government has no future and it must leave as soon as possible. Only in the early parliamentary elections can Zaevism for the good of Macedonia be completely defeated, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.