In a TV interview, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that he hopes relations with Bulgaria will be sufficiently improved by June or July, so that we are a step away from resolving the open issues. This corresponds with the earlier announcement from Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov that he hopes the veto could be lifted in six months, an announcement Petkov later withdrew.

I never get tied up in dates and concrete deadlines. I’m an optimist, but a rational one, and I believe in accomplishing the goal, Kovacevski said.

Regarding the most divisive Bulgarian demands – to redefine the Macedonian national identity and language, Kovacevski said that the language and the identity are non-negotiable. “They are defined, they are not something that should be negotiated. That is why we have talks and a diplomatic process through the Foreign Ministry, to resolve the different opinions. Of course, without intruding in the national interests of our country or of Bulgaria, and with respect for the resolution of the Macedonian Parliament”, Kovavevski said. The resolution, that was proposed by VMRO-DPMNE and unanimously adopted, instructs the Government not to negotiate about the Macedonian national identity.