SDSM leader and Prime Minister-designate Dimitar Kovacevski plans to propose the Government cabinet around January 10-11 next year, ie in a shorter period than the constitutionally provided.

In an interview with Kanal 5, Kovacevski added that the principle of responsibility will be a feature of the government.

The technocratic way of governing is usually associated with a strong hand of government, but for me it means a merit system of governance, where everyone who performs a certain public function, should responsibly and honestly perform their tasks, in accordance with the set goals. Everyone, through personal example, should work in the interest of the citizens and to be held accountable in case of inaction, said Kovacevski.

He added that the work of the new government can be expected to be a strong commitment to economic reforms in the country, a strong commitment to tackling the most pressing issues, namely the challenges of the global energy crisis, corruption, rule of law, and continuing the EU path.