We have clearly stated that we want an independent Macedonian state that will become a member of the European Union. If you look at the Constitution and the constitutional order and all the strategies of the governments, it is very clear that we want this, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said regarding the referendum proposed by the opposition.

In today’s interview with TV Kanal 5, he assessed that the opposition’s theses that the Macedonian language will not be recognized in the European Union and that our identity will be lost that way, are unfounded.

The first thesis of the opposition was that the Macedonian language would not be recognized in the EU, and then it was seen that it was pure manipulation. They said that the identity of the Macedonian people would be lost, but the vice-president of the European Commission at the intergovernmental conference himself clearly said that the Macedonian identity will not only be protected, but that it will be an identity that will build on the European identity, that is, everything that the European Union as a community of different peoples, different states has it at home. That is the goal of EU enlargement: increasing economic, human, cultural, educational potentials, etc. Our people deserve to move forward. Such a referendum would only be going backwards, underlined Kovacevski, informed the government press service.