In an interview with Serbian daily “Politika”, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski emphasized that within the framework of the Open Balkan initiative are already being taken regarding the economic and energy crisis, as a result of Covid and the military aggression against Ukraine.

We already discussed these topics intensively at the previous Summit, and last month in Tirana the working groups of our governments also had a meeting. At the Summit that will be held here in Belgrade, we as governments, as well as the relevant ministries, will have intensive discussions about finding concrete ways to provide enough food and energy to survive the hardest winter since the Second World War. Particular attention will be paid to ensure that the region has food and energy supplies at all times and to ensure a smooth flow in the supply of basic food products, i.e. to react quickly and appropriately if any disruption occurs in the supply chains. In the so far established mechanisms and signed memoranda of cooperation, we have practically committed ourselves to help each other in the coming period, which is expected to be seriously difficult. But it is certainly not an unknown category. We also helped each other during the covid pandemic. To conclude, we will work intensively so that there is no shortage of food and energy, but the new geopolitical reality calls for caution. We will have a winter full of challenges. But as before, as good neighbors, we will help each other, Kovacevski said.

He underlined that a strong and competitive regional economy must be built together.

The brain drain and permanent emigration, mostly due to economic reasons, is indeed a topic that is in focus, but with such initiatives, it is aimed at enabling citizens, especially young people, to build their future here, at home, in the region. With the Open Balkans and all the activities arising from it, we are one step closer to European wages, European quality of life, a vibrant economy and the rule of law, now, here, at home, pointed out Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, who today is participating in the First International wine, food and tourism fair “Wine Vision of Open Balkan” in Belgrade.