The deserter Kovacevski is permanently incapacitated, that is a diagnosis, which he himself reported to the Army. If he is permanently incapacitated for serving in the army, how is he capable of performing the office of prime minister? And is that why he is running away from determining his business ability? The deserter Kovacevski avoided serving in the army of his own country at a time when Macedonia was facing a military conflict and many citizens joined the army on their own initiative, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

With this, the deserter Kovacevski proves that he is not fighting for the state or the citizens, but for his own interest and benefit.

The deserter Kovacevski must gather courage and answer when he lied to the public when he declared he did not serve military service because he was studying or when he submitted a document that he was permanently incapacitated. If the deserter Kovacevski does not provide an explanation, then the truth is that he really is permanently incapacitated, said VMRO – DPMNE.

In addition, it is necessary to examine the business ability of the deserter Kovacevski, because he may in the coming period order the execution of actions and make inappropriate decisions that will be to the detriment of the state and the citizens, and at the same time avoid criminal responsibility with the document that he is permanently incapacitated.The government of the anti-Macedonian SDS is composed of deserters and people diagnosed as permanently incapacitated. Earlier, Talat Xhaferi deserted the army, and now Dimitar Kovacevski. Deserters from the army cannot hold high positions, said the opposition party.