Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski  met with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen on the sidelines of the GLOBSEC 2023 Forum in Bratislava.

The meeting, according to the PM, was exceptionally important and productive. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani also attended the meeeting.

“At the meeting she clearly stated she is committed to North Macedonia’s EU integration, by confirming that she is a President of the EC which sticks to her position and tasks undertaken by the EC with the negotiating framework – that the Macedonian language is already official in the EU through the signing of the Frontex Agreement, which she, herself, attended. An Agreement approved by all EU member states and an Agreement which positions the Macedonian language next to all other EU languages,” Kovachevski told MIA.

The second key topic, said Kovachevski, is economic development and reducing the gaps which exist between the EU member states from Southeast Europe and the countries of the Western Balkans, where, there are discussion on how to increase investments in the region, and funds provided by the EU for reforms, as well as in the field of infrastructure construction in the Western Balkan countries.