Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that he expects the director of the National Security Agency Viktor Dimovski will give a report at a closed government session and that responsibility must be determined for the case of the granting of Macedonian citizenship to the controversial Ukrainian, Oleksandr Onishchenko.

What I asked for is a detailed report based on an investigation or analysis conducted in accordance with the procedures of the NSA and for the director to come and give a report in a closed government session. And that will probably happen tomorrow. However, you yourself know that reports and information cannot be given from a closed government session, given the criminality of giving such information from a closed government session, Kovacevski answered a journalist’s question after the opening of a kindergarten in Cucer Sandevo and reminded that citizenship was issued on the basis of four positive opinions submitted to a government session by four different institutions on the basis of which it was granted.

He added that there must be responsibility for the case and that it is the work of the analysis, i.e. the investigation that should be carried out, which is already being carried out and informs that a new director of the NSA should be appointed soon, for which the selection process has begun.

Yes, we will have a new NSA director and that will happen I would say in the next 24 days. It should be a professional with many years of experience and who will also have to pass the filters of the institutions of the strategic partners because let’s not forget that we are a NATO member country, we have a strategic partnership agreement with the US and the choice should be consistent with fulfillment on such criteria, pointed out Prime Minister Kovacevski.