4-5 days ago he publicly said that he would not vote for changes to the Constitution in order to satisfy the sick ambitions of Zaev, Kovacevski and Osmani, and yesterday the car of our colleague Petar Risteski from Prilep was set on fire, writes VMRO-DPMNE MP from, Colonel Dragan Kovacki, calling this a cowardly act behind which, as he says, he is convinced that there are “mercenaries inspired by the treacherous leadership of SDSM”.

They are mercenaries because there is no normal and sane Macedonian who would commit such an act of violence against a MP of VMRO-DPMNE due to belief in something, except for a good amount of money. At home, in front of wife, children, parents…SDSM, the mafia has more dignity than you. You are disgusting, writes Kovacki.

This is an attack on a member of parliament, he emphasizes, and this is a serious blow and setback in democracy.