VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovacki told Alfa TV regarding the disappearance of MP Kastriot Rexhepi that certain structures had influenced Rexhepi, and with such a “kidnapped” there are no European values, there is no EU.

Kovacki pointed out that what MP Kastriot Rexhepi did, then wrote on Facebook and posted video address with a white background is inappropriate behavior for an MP, because above all he is an MP and should express his views in Parliament, especially if one is a signatory of the no-confidence motion against the government, they should be present in the Parliament, Kovacki said.

We saw that certain structures have influenced MP Rexhepi and that could be seen from his performance, to decide as he decided, ie the man under pressure or today to be the most blackmailed man in the country, who says what someone else thinks, said Kovacki.

He believes that it is not only about blackmail, but that it is probably possible that it is also about a sum of money that has done the job, which as an act is becoming more frequent to blackmail people, and even to get out of custody to vote on certain decisions of Zoran Zaev, which is a drastic humiliation of the will of the citizens.

If we all aspire to the EU and European values, as the blackmailed MP says, with a ‘kidnapped’ will, we will encounter an obstacle because such acts are everything but European values, Kovacki said.