The criminal group of police officers of Zaev and Spasovski imposed fictitious fines, forced stops, and made lists for voting for SDSM. Today we continue again with new scandalous findings due to which we openly suspect that it was led by Minister Spasovski, Dragan Kovacki from VMRO-DPMNE said at Tuesday’s press conference.

Kire Kitanoski, who is a man of Oliver Lukareski, the advisor of Oliver Spasovski, and under commander of the Prilep interior department, a day after the October 17 elections he wrote to the members of the group, perpetrators of political pressure – “one battle is lost, but the war is not lost,” we as elders stand behind you for everything needed “,” the central government is ours”. At the same time, in the same group, a member of the Ministry of Interior calls for the opening of a SDSM headquarters. We have an open suspicion that there’s a same structure of criminal association of partisan police officers in Bitola, Radovis, and Ohrid, he said.

Kovacki adds that from this message it becomes quite clear that he is directly superior to the group, and he responds only to Oliver Lukaroski. Secondly, it is about consciously putting the police in party service, and the promise of positions within the police, which can be seen from the part where he says that their positions remain despite the change of local government.

He also points out that from what has been published so far, we see that this group has been used for various activities against VMRO-DPMNE, against the citizens, free elections and the normal functioning of the election process.