Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski insisted that the city still hasn’t heard the full truth about the 2015 assault on the city. The attack, carried out by a well armed group of Albanian guerrillas over two days, killed eight Macedonian police officers, while 10 of the attackers were also killed.

The attack, linked to neighboring Kosovo, came at the height of the Colored Revolution – a political campaign by the SDSM party to stage protests and take over power in Macedonia. The attackers stated that their goal is to bring down the VMRO-DPMNE – DUI led Government, that was also the target of SDSM’s Colored Revolution. But SDSM officials spread various conspiracy theories about the attack, trying to accuse the then Government about it.

Five days ago Kumanovo had a mini war in which eight Interior Ministry officers were killed. The question about what happened in Kumanovo then remains open. We heard many answers but unfortunately we still haven’t heard the truth, Dimitrievski said, posting a video from the Divo Naselje part of the city, where the Albanian group fortified itself, preparing for attack.