Albanian terrorist Muhamed Krasniqi, who goes under the name Malisheva, called for the partition of Macedonia along ethnic lines, after the Skopje Appeals Court confirmed the sentences of the group which attacked Kumanovo in 2015.

The court decided that seven of the defendants will serve life in prison, 13 will serve 40 years, five members of the group are sentenced to 20 years in prison, one to 15 years and the remaining six will serve between 12 and 14 years.

The Appeals Court confirmed the sentences against us and confirmed that there is no justice for us Albanians in this country. Both Gruevski and Zaev are the same. Respected Albanian people, we witness an injustice. We are killed for the second time, and we see it was all a political game of the leaders of our country who did nothing to bring justice. This state needs to be partitioned once and for all and we call on you all to work for the partition so that our part of Ilirida can join in with Albania, Krasniqi wrote on his Facebook account

His group attacked Kumanovo at the height of the 2015 political crisis, killing eight Macedonian police officers, while losing 10 of its own. Then opposition leader Zoran Zaev, who created the political crisis, frequently shared conspiracy theories about the attack, promising that he will reveal additional information that will shed new light on the attack as a tactic to get Albanian voters to support his SDSM party. The imprisoned members of the group would routinelly attack Zaev’s political opponents from VMRO-DPMNE in social media comments, and directly, such as when former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski were arrested, but after the sentencing, the group is quickly turning on Zaev.

Krasniqi now demands an international investigation, counting on the support for the Albanian nationalist cause many international diplomats have expressed. A similar call was sent out by the Alliance of Albanians party, which perpetrates some of the conspiracy theories shared by Zaev, about the need to find the “real organizers” of the attack and that some of the Albanian terrorists were killed after the fighting endd.