The “Racket” affair again made the front page of the Italian newspaper “La Verita” on Thursday.

The texts published by La Verita journalist Laris Gaiser on this case, the documentation and videos proving the existence of deep corruption in the Macedonian political-judicial system, as well as criminal abuses of the state, led by Prime Minister Zaev, to the detriment of citizens and political opponents bring the first legal consequences.

After Pendarovski disassociated himself from Zoran Zaev shortly after the scandal was released, and he gave his full support for the courageous and honest judges, state prosecutor Ljubomir Jovevski in the past few days questioned many witnesses in the “Racket” case.

Among the witnesses questioned on Tuesday was Katica Janeva, the special prosecutor favored by EU’s Juncker and Mogherini to allow Zoran Zaev to come to power legally after the 2015 wiretapping scandal, to blackmail his political opponent Nikola Gruevski, also referred to as the head of a system of abuse deeply rooted in the state.

The videos published by the Italian newspaper strongly suspected Janeva of extorting defendants, even the persons under investigation led by her.

In less than 24 hours after her testimony, Katica Janeva was arrested. Prosecutor Joveski requested 30-day detention for her on suspicion of abuse of power in the “Racket” case and seized her computers in which it would be difficult to find any evidence given that much time had passed since the disclosure of the scandal. At the press conference of the Public Prosecutor Joveski and the Organized Crime Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, there was a feeling that she (Ruskoska) strongly insisted that Janeva should be detained. Since Vilma Ruskoska spent exactly one month speaking to her colleague Janeva, publicly underlining that she saw no motive for Katica Janeva to flee or to be prosecuted, the fact that La Verita has effectively played a useful public service during this period has been confirmed.

All of this makes us think of a scenario in which, if we did not come to the audio documentation and publish it, the court system led by Zoran Zaev’s favorite prosecutor, Vilma Ruskoska, would do everything to hide the evidence and cover up the case, writes La Verita.

The witness himself, Jordan Kamcev, confirms that everything published in La Verita’s videos is part of the evidence he had already handed over to Macedonian judges several weeks ago.

It is now clear to everyone that until our intervention this material was not taken seriously by the prosecution headed by Ruskoska, the woman who Zoran Zaev wanted to take the place of Katica Janeva and continue her work. Proof that Zoran Zaev controls the judicial system, part of the journalistic and of course the political in Macedonia, are the facts that followed in recent days.

The almighty man has tried to discredit our work, always committed to the search for the truth, accusing us of wanting to sabotage Macedonia’s path to the EU and NATO. His accusations have fallen apart as a tower of cards as it has been confirmed that our newspaper has always defended the North Atlantic Alliance and healthy Europeanism as important values in society. But the fact that he (Zaev) manipulates as he wants with the judicial system is confirmed by the psychological upheaval in Macedonia – after our revelations, former DUI justice minister Blerim Bexheti, who said that in the past Zaev often asked him to influence members of the Judicial Council in order to elect a new president of an important court, more adaptable to the prime minister’s demands, the newspaper writes.

La Verita has announced further evidence confirming direct control by the state authorities of extortion activities at a time when security of sources is being assured, and by then Katica Janeva appears to be doomed to become lightning rod for all those, judges and politicians, who are involved in the scandalous system of extortion and mismanagement of the state during Zaev’s term.

Kamcev confirmed, as was pointed out by us, that the first evidence against Janeva had already been presented more than a month ago, after Boki 13’s arrest. It took more than a month for Joveski, and especially Ruskoska, to request detention for the special prosecutor. A month in which evidence could allegedly be destroyed and facts influenced. It is clear that this whole system could be objectively criticized for the slightest neglect, if not for malicious complicity.