Regarding the opposition’s request for the formation of an expert government, looking at the situation we are in, I think that would be the best solution, said the owner of the Lajm newspaper, Fejzi Hajdari.

If we are still not aware that a major change should take place in Macedonia, the Germans are already aware and have seen that a unified opposition is missing. The results of the last elections proved that the opposition was not weak, but the ruling parties were the ones who together pulled out that election victory. And that is why this initiative of Konrad Adenauer, in my opinion, is completely in place and I think it is very necessary at the moment, because the opposition finally needs a harmonization to lead a joint battle against the government. However, such cooperation requires a greater potential, energy, strategy and God willing, this will be the beginning to convey the message that no one stays in power forever, said Hajdari.