Saso Dukoski the lawyer representing racketeering suspect Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, warned that his client can die after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Boki 13 is the only one of the three co-defendants who still hasn’t been released into house arrest, after this curtesy was given to both Katica Janeva and Zoran Mileski.

I visit him in prison every day and I see him vomit blood. What kind of a medical report do we have to give so this mindless trial ends? His condition can’t be resolved with pills, Dukoski said.

Boki 13 was absent from today’s hearing today. He is charged with extorting millions from businessmen who were prosecuted by Katica Janeva, and as of recently he claimed he has evidence of corruption against prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, who is presenting the case against him, while also hinting at having evidence about the involvement of top Government officials. The once overweight cross dressing reality TV star underwent a botched gastric bypass surgery in Sistina, a high level private clinic co-owned by Jordan Orce Kamcev, the businessman who was the chief target of extortion, but he now presented a medical report showing he actually has cancer.