Filip Avramcev, member of the Central Board of the Liberal-Democratic Party, accused party leader Goran Milevski of violating the party charter after he failed to consult other officials and the members about who should join the new Kovacevski Government.

Milevski was Local Administration Minister under Zaev and remains in this capacity under Kovacevski, even after LDP ran a local election campaign against SDSM. Many party officials are visibly angry as the party, with its two seats in Parliament, only kept one minor department, while Alternative party got three departments, including the major Healthcare Ministry, for its four seats in Parliament.

The decision to participate in the Kovacevski Government and to keep Milevski as Minister was made without a meeting of the Central Board of the party. This despite the fact that, according to our charter, the Board decides who will represent the party in the Government. No-one should be above the party charter, not even the leader, Avramcev said.