Dimitar Apasiev, leader of the far left Levica party, offered a political truce to VMRO-DPMNE and a joint front against the Zaev Government.

Levica supports the protests initiated by VMRO-DPMNE after Zaev’s shocking BGNES interview and his announced surrender on all issues raised by Bulgaria. But the two parties clashed on the first day of the protests, as Apasiev attended a session of the Parliament while VMRO was boycotting it, trying to deprive SDSM from the quorum it needed to appoint a Zaev crony to the Constitutional Court. Apasiev claims that he was in the Parliament before the vote on the judge, left the building in time and did not help SDSM reach the quorum.


Given how dramatic and serious the situation we are brought in as a people is, and which can radicalize and escalate in the coming period, I appeal sincerely appeal to all like-minded citizens that we create a strong and unified opposition front against the worst evil that has fallen on Macedonia since the days of ASNOM. Let’s bury our hatchets until we bring down Zaev the satrap and we can ‘go to war’ with each other afterwards. If we don’t understand this, we will lose our Republic and it is unlikely that the future generations will ever win it back, Apasiev said in a message clearly directed at VMRO-DPMNE.