Stevo Krstevski, the SDSM appointed director of the FZOM public healthcare fund, had a huge increase in his personal wealth as reported to the State Anti-Corruption Commission. The opposition Levica party pointed to the reports submitted by Krstevski, which show that his net worth, in apartments and house, stocks and bank deposits has reached 16 million denars (over 260,000 EUR), without counting the property of his wife.

These funds can’t be amassed from his public servant salary alone, Levica said.

Krstevski was named director after Den Doncev, the former FZOM manager, and childhood friend of Zoran Zaev, fled the country in the midst of a major corruption scandal. Doncev was filmed stuffing cash into a bag while apparently meeting with the owner of a company trying to get public contracts.

We call on the Anti-Corruption Commission to take steps in line with its mandate and prevent the corruption and conflict of interest evident in this case. Krstevski is known for his thuggish behavior and for his partisan decisions when he is undermining and harassing family members of opposition activists, the Levica party said.