In his Christmas statement, bishop Petar of Prespa and Pelagonija condemned the left wing “liberalism” and “humanitarianism” which, he said, mocks and tries to undermine the rights of the religious communities.

In our country, while we open and consecrate churches to the glory of God, we see far more numerous casinos, sports booking places, various night clubs being opened. In the media, while we offer religious and spiritual content, people seek out deceiving content, a form of spiritual poison, that infects our society and our young even more than drugs do. Now it is fashionable to be a “humanitarian”, to be “liberal”, to support groups and organizations who, while promoting their own rights and liberties, trample and mock the rights and the liberties of those who are different from them, especially the religious, mainly the Orthodox Christians. Public figures often support such groups whose goal is to deform and mock the dignity given to us by God, and tries to portray the following of God, of the church, of our Christian and family values as something that is conservative and backwards, bishop Petar said.

One the eve of Christmas, the bishop warned the faithful to steer clear from crime, bribery, corruption, usury and luxury.