The Lider news site publised a two minutes long audio recording it claims is of Kurto Dudus, the SDSM party Mayor of the Shuto Orizari district north of Skopje, beating and harassing a man.

There are two men voice on the recording, and one of them is accusing the other, identified as Senad, of badmouthing him in front of other people in the center. Slaps and blows can be heard, and the man, presumably Mayor Dudus, threatens to bring a baseball bat and break Senad’s ribs. The incident begins with the locking of Senad inside a room, and the other man reminds him that he loaned him money and that he was taking care of his family, and accuses Senad of being ungrateful.

Shuto Orizari is the only Roma majority municipality in Skopje. Dudus was elected Mayor in 2017, and his opponent, Elvis Bajram, was badly beaten during the election campaign.