Fatmir Limani, a political organizer from Kicevo who rebelled against his powerful uncle Ali Ahmeti and ran a separate campaign in the local elections last year, met with VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. Limani has since joined the BESA party, and BESA leader and Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami was also at the meeting.

Albanian language media outlets controlled by DUI lashed out at the two, especially at Limani, for meeting with Mickoski, as part of their campaign to demonize VMRO in front of the Albanian electorate. But Limani did not hold back and sent out a strongly worded message to Ahmeti, answering why he met with Mickoski.

We talked about the demand from DUI that they are given their own private lottery service, so they can expand gambling in our country even further. We spoke about the millions in bribes sought for the construction of Corridor 8. About the abuses and extortion done by their officials in the tax authority company. About how to save the country from the gang of crooks led by Ali Bey, Limani said.