Audio from a live microphone shows an awkward moment during this week’s Open Balkan summit in Tirana, revealing how Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic disrespected Dimitar Kovacevski, Zaev’s successor as SDSM party leader.

Zaev brought Kovacevski to the summit and during the family photo moment, he called on Kovacevski to join the trio on the stage. “Thace, come here you”, Zaev is heard telling Kovacevski, using his nickname “Thace”. Zaev then tells Kovacevski to stand at the other end of the group, next to Vucic, but both Vucic and Rama stop him, apparently not realizing who is this man that wants to take a picture with them. Kovacevski then stands between Zaev and Rama, and Rama points his finger at him and mockingly says “Montenegro”.

Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia are refusing to join the Open Balkan initiative.