Zoran Zaev said that he expects his small coalition partner BESA to become part of his coalition for the local elections, with his SDSM party and with DUI. BESA threatened the very survival of Zaev’s Government as it is trying to challenge DUI for the mayoral position in Tetovo.

Zaev said that SDSM will not support the DUI candidate in Tetovo in the first round, accepting the key BESA request for a more neutral fight, but added that the Tetovo race aside, the three parties will compete together in the second round across the country.

We are coalition partners with BESA, with DUI, with DPA, we have a coalition and we will run together in the local elections. Of course we can’t reveal all the details, we still don’t know all the names, but we have determined the principles of the coalition. We run separately in the first round, and then we support each other in the second round, Zaev said.