North Macedonia got four million dollars from the sale of the joint property of former Yugoslavia in New York and the money will be awarded to the Foreign Ministry to buy a property for our mission in New York, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani on Saturday.

One of the oldest New York villas, a former residence of the Yugoslav mission to the United Nations, bought by Josip Broz-Tito in 1946, on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, was sold for 50 million dollars, of which Macedonia received 4 million.

Those funds went to the account of our mission in New York two days ago, and in the meantime, at its session on Tuesday, at the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government decided with those funds, that is, within those funds (because they will go to the budget) to buy a facility for our mission in New York and with the rest of the funds, in the region. So, we are going to use the funds that come from succession directly for the needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Osmani.

So far, with the succession, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received several facilities, such as the residence in Paris, which is already our embassy, then apartments in Rome, Trieste, part of the facility in New Delhi and in Brazil, a facility in Canberra, in Harare, and all of them should be put at the disposal of our diplomatic network.