Macedonia can’t expect a European future with Zoran Zaev. We lost three years with his empty promises, said VMRO-DPMNE official Stefan Andonovski after the latest veto Macedonia suffered at the hands of Bulgaria.

Three years went by after Zaev’s airplane selfie when he first insisted that he secured a date for the accession talks. We warned then that the date is not achievable for as long as Zaev is in power, and that is now becoming clear. Macedonia is nationally humiliated and remains in front of the closed EU doors. And now we face new dangerous developments – that Zaev is ready to negotiate away the Macedonian language and history during his groveling visits to Sofia. The other is that the Macedonian diplomacy is not actively lobbying for Macedonia. We should’ve had our representatives in every European capital, working to secure support from European leaders. But there is no European support for us because Europe can’t support a corrupt Government, Andonovski said.