Statistics show that out of the countries in the region, Macedonia has the highest mortality rate.

After Monday’s record high 40 deaths in one day, with a figure of 2.8%, Macedonia again has the highest mortality rate in the Balkans.

Namely, the mortality rate is a percentage of deaths from the total number of coronavirus cases.

As can be seen from the picture, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a mortality rate of 2.6%, Albania and Bulgaria – 2.2%, followed by Montenegro with 1.4%, while Croatia and Serbia have a mortality rate of 1.2%.

Macedonia, unlike Croatia and Serbia, which although have a higher number of coronavirus patients in total, the percentage of deaths there compared to the number of infections is twice lower.

Until Monday a total of 84,206 coronavirus cases have been registered in Croatia, and in Serbia that number is 54,568. Macedonia has a total of 47,050 cases, but with a surprisingly double percentage of deaths compared to the number of infections in these countries.

The situation with the mortality rate in Macedonia is additionally worrying if we look at the mortality rate in the countries of the European Union.

Until November 15, the EU countries, although they have an enormous number of confirmed cases with a population of over 9 million, the average mortality rate in the EU countries as shown in the picture is 2.3% with a tendency to significantly decrease this percentage.

According to this, Macedonia has a higher mortality rate than the countries in the region, but also a higher mortality rate than the average of the EU countries.