Sunday’s large national protest showed in which direction Macedonia will move in the coming period.

The large presence of the citizens at this rally, which was not organized by any party, proves that the revolt of the citizens is coming out and that the events with the prisoners from the events of “April 27” was just an occasion. The citizens came out because of all the humiliations that the government organizes for us, both at home and abroad, “Republika” analyzes.

At home because of the countless scandals, the failure to provide vaccines, the submissive attitude towards DUI, the “Dragi Raskovski” case, the reforms in education of Mila Carovska, the abolition of history class and now the printed textbooks, the issuance of passports of criminals and drug bosses, the “accidental” disappearance of birth certificates…

Abroad, due to Zaev’s negotiations for the abolition of the Macedonian language and nation in agreement with Bulgaria and giving away Goce Delcev.

That is why the people rose up and said enough is enough!

Elections are needed, preferably together with the local ones in the fall and the arrival of a new government that will work for the people and not against them.

The occasion for the people to take to the streets yesterday, without going into the numbers, how big the support was, were the injustices towards the convicts in the “April 27” case.

It is clear that they were convicted without any evidence and only on the basis of the testimony of a suspicious witness but also a defendant who changed his statement several times. Of course, he is Ninja who, in addition to the so-called perpetrators, wants to also put the so-called organizers of the events of April 27, 2017 in jail.

There is no evidence for either of them, but the government is determined to put them in jail at all costs.

Where there is power there is no evidence and justice – but Sunday’s protest showed that no one can go against the people.