Regional comparisons continue to place Macedonia as the worst performer in fighting the coronavirus epidemic. Macedonia has 860 confirmed cases per million, and has 48 deaths per million. Given that the census figures are highly unreliable in Macedonia, the numbers of 1.792 total infections and over a 100 deaths are likely far higher per million than the official estimate.

Compared to other countries in the region, only Slovenia has a higher death rate of 50 per million – but it has conducted three times more tests. Macedonia was able to conduct 10.239 tests per million, while Slovenia did over 33.000.
Compared to other countries, who did similar levels of testing, Macedonia has a far higher death rate than Greece and Bulgaria (16 per million) and Serbia with 26 per million, with twice the testing done by Macedonia.

Macedonia holds a grim record in the number of deaths per million in the region. We are also the country with the lowest economic stimulus package as a share of GDP in Europe and we continue to spend for unnecessary budget items while the budget deficit rose by 200 million EUR in just a few months, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE. It strongly condemned the push by the ruling SDSM party to hold quick elections in June or July, hoping that the low turnout will favor the ruling coalition, despite the exceptionally bad coronavirus statistics.