Ljupco Kocarev, President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), asked for a revision of the Prespa Treaty with Greece and the Zaev – Borisov Treaty with Bulgaria.

Treaties are not written in stone and their value is seen in what they contribute to the needs of the society. MANU, of course, needs to prepare a detailed analysis of both treaties, how they interact and the creation of unforеseen synergies. We can’t see them as exclusively harmful or beneficial, Kocarev said.

The treaty with Bulgaria led to major demands aimed at the Macedonian national identity and history, and the failure on the part of Zaev’s regime to deliver quickly enough prompted Bulgaria to veto Macedonia’s EU accession talks. Greece is currently taking the back seat in its demands aimed at Macedonia, but it already achieved serious concessions in the name and national identity.