The discussion at the 13th meeting of the Expert Commission on Historical and Educational Issues between Macedonia and Bulgaria, which took place yesterday and today online, was mostly focused on the approach and the form of textbook recommendations, leaving large differences in the approach and views on how to formulate the recommendations for the history textbooks for the seventh grade, informs the Macedonian team in the Commission.

The Macedonian team proposed several ideas on how to overcome the items in the textbooks that have the potential to politicize history and thus encourage new or keep alive political disputes, reads the statement.

The Macedonian team reminds that after the previous meetings discussed history textbooks in Bulgaria for 6th grade, the members of the Commission had an exhaustive discussion about the remarks of the Bulgarian colleagues about the Macedonian history textbooks for seventh grade.

The Macedonian team will continue to insist on respecting the principles and recommendations of UNESCO, the Council of Europe and other relevant international and academic institutions as the most appropriate way to overcome historical disputes and depoliticize history and history education and fulfill the Friendship and Good Neighborly Agreement signed between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria in 2017, said the Macedonian team in the statement.