Macedonian Canadians are organizing ahead of the elections on Sunday, and call on candidates to openly support the right of Macedonians to free self-declaration. The Macedonian Human Rights Movement International is organizing a mass email campaign to warn candidates not to expect the Macedonian vote unless they openly declare their opposition to the imposed name and identity change of Macedonian and the Macedonians.

Will you publicly denounce the name, identity and history change that was brutally forced on Macedonians? If yes, thank you, we look forward to your statement and you have our full support. If your answer is no, you have lost the Macedonian-Canadian vote and a huge voting base, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. In a tight election, you and your party can continue pandering to those whose goal is to deny Macedonians our most basic of human rights in the hopes of possibly garnering a few votes or you can live up to your claims of defending human rights and win the votes of an entire unified and galvanized community. The Macedonian-Canadian vote is yours to lose, and so is this election, declares the email prepared by MHRMI, which is being shared by Macedonian Canadians and forwarded to political candidates.