Still unofficially open, the Macedonian cultural club Nikola Vapcarov in Blagoevgrad was the subject of vandalism by unknown perpetrators today. Yesterday, the letter M was removed from the title of the Macedonian Cultural Club Nikola Vapcarov, said New ASNOM, according to information received from the Association for the Protection of Basic Individual Human Rights.

This act of vandalism is an attack on inter-ethnic tolerance in European Bulgaria, whose government does not condemn such acts of inter-ethnic intolerance and by that very fact sides with the perpetrators of this act of vandalism. On the other hand, our Government is calmly and meekly silent on the aggressive ethnic intolerance manifested against the Macedonians in Bulgaria, effectively implementing the Bulgarian Agreement, point 11 paragraph 5 of it. With that, the government of the country whose name North we hate, is on the side of those who fuel ethnic intolerance in Bulgaria, adds New ASNOM.

New ASNOM believes that nurturing ties with our relatives and friends from Pirin Macedonia as well as helping them is the only solution in conditions when our identity is attacked on all grounds by Bulgaria.