Security at the Macedonian National Theater stopped the journalists who wanted to visit the theater and see for themselves the level of damage caused by the nationalist celebration of the Albanian Shverceri football fans.

Footage of the Shverceri hooligans jumping up and down, shouting and reportedly slashing at the chairs and the curtains in the recently rebuilt theater shocked the public. Demands for accountability at the Government, which organized an immediately prior Albanian national event and the manager of the theater have multiplied today.

Theater manager Simona Ugrinovska, who was reportedly helpless to stop the rampage, said that she will assume responsibility if she is found to be the guilty party in allowing the event to take place. And yet, her security guards refused to allow a group of journalists to inspect the theater.

(ВИДЕО) Новинарите спречени да ја снимаат штетата во МНТ

(ВИДЕО) Новинарите спречени да ја снимаат штетата во МНТ

Gepostet von Економски Лидер am Montag, 25. November 2019

One video, from the primarily Albanian language TV21 surfaced. It shows damage to the balconies and chairs.