The Macedonians in Bulgaria responded to the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s statement that there is no Macedonian minority in his country.

They ask him how absurd it feels to tell obvious lies that no one but the deceived citizens of Bulgaria believe?

According to Omo Ilinden Pirin, the persecution and assimilation of the Macedonian minority was the first revival process started by Todor Zhivkov and the only one who has not yet been stopped or condemned. According to them, this is the last totalitarian policy in the EU and as such it is a Bulgarian shame for Europe.

The denial of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria is a shame for the Bulgarian state and democracy. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria the lie has been turned into national dignity, lawlessness, violation of human rights in morality, assimilation and discrimination in life. The sooner Bulgaria gets rid of the lie that we do not have the rest of our sacred lies about Macedonia and the Macedonians, the better it will be for her and for all the citizens of Bulgaria and the Balkans. We wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery from this shame and from this disease! A vaccine against that is the truth. There is nothing else, says the organization of Macedonians in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov is set to pay an official visit to Macedonia on Tuesday.