The first Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denko Maleski, continues to denigrate Macedonia and the Macedonians.

After a few days ago in a column he stated that Macedonians and Bulgarians were one people and that the Ilinden Uprising was an ordinary “revolt” of the Bulgarian population, Maleski in a statement to Bulgarian media now says that Goce Delcev and Krste Petkov Misirkov were Bulgarians.

When asked by the journalist what Delcev and Misirkov were, Maleski said that there are no doubts that they were “Bulgarians”.

He is Bulgarian, obviously, Maleski said about Misirkov.

That’s true he declared himself as Bulgarian, that’s so, his Bulgarian national feeling cannot be denied, he said about Goce Delcev.

Maleski does not even mention the word “Macedonia” but speaks of “his country” being in a delicate phase before the start of negotiations with the EU and that Bulgaria could exercise its veto power. They have to face the historical truth that we were one people, says the professor.

Academician Blaze Ristovski, shortly before he died, said that Maleski never minded being in the highest state positions without having any faith in Macedonia at all.

Ristovski, who was deputy prime minister in the first expert government in 1991, said that when Maleski was offered to be foreign minister, he accepted but stressed that he was against Macedonia’s independence. When he left the meeting with Ristevski on his way out, he said “independence but only without me”.

However, the fact that Macedonia still became independent did not prevent him from accepting the position of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs at a time when our country received the reference “FYROM” in the United Nations.

Since then, Maleski has never mentioned that Macedonians are Bulgarians and it is unclear why only now he has become aware of his national feelings.