The mayor of the municipality of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski, told that he and his supporters will form a civil movement following the example of the “For Our Kumanovo” movement which was formed for the local elections. He also said that in the parliamentary elections, he will present realistically acceptable policies to the citizens, as an offer that will primarily bring order and prosperity to the state, with an emphasis on economic development and the rule of law.

It will be a movement with a left-wing character and with central policies regarding the national issues of the state. I have never said anything negative about my party SDSM, but I will emphasize that the people who currently lead and manage SDSM are far from social democratic values and have transformed the party into a kind of private company, or it can be defined as Gruevism, stressed Dimitrievski.

He emphasized that initiatives are coming from different categories of citizens and from different places of the country who want to get involved and contribute to the development of such a movement in order for  this idea to win.

Dimitrievski told that the program is underway and experts from virtually all social fields are included.