Macedonian Association of Journalists (MAN) strongly condemns the threats that the Secretary General of the Government, Dragi Raskovski, made against journalists and media at Tuesday’s press conference in the Government.

MAN says that such acts present a direct pressure on the work of the media.

Raskovski directly violates Article 3 of the Media Law and the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of the media and what it covers. With these threats, the Secretary General of the government exerts direct political pressure. The Macedonian Association of Journalists (MAN) demands from Secretary General Dragi Raskovski to stop the threats and to withdraw from the intention to prosecute. Precisely such acts have brought Macedonia to the top on the EU black statistics. In the EU, 23% of the media and journalists are under direct judicial threats and political pressure, in the country the average is fantastic 52%, said MAN.