Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj sent Wednesday a message from Brussels that the European Union has a plan for Macedonia and the region.

After meetings with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Deputy PM Marichikj says in a video-address that the opportunity that Macedonia has been given should be validated by 2023 through joint efforts by all political stakeholders.

“We have many supporters and sincere friends in the European institutions, including the EP. After meetings with MEPs from various parliamentary groups, I am conveying the message that the vision for the EU enlargement is clear, and the European lawmakers will continue to be vocal for the acceleration of Macedonia and the region’s EU integration. The support coming from European institutions for the area’s Europeanization is getting stronger, demonstrated by the new plan for accelerated approximation of the Western Balkans to our European partners, promoted today by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen,” says Marichikj.

We have a visible European perspective, he adds, and it is up to us to achieve it through responsible decisions.

“We are expected to make progress through reforms, dialogue and consensus when it comes to the European future of the Macedonian citizens. Let’s seize the momentum and make steps that will yield positive results and progress. We have been waiting for this a long time and owe it to the youth and future generations. We must understand the urgency and the task ahead that needs to be successfully completed. Dialogue is required among all political parties that share European values, and there is no compromise on this – we are either for EU or against it. This is a situation when we demonstrate that we truly want to see Macedonia in the company and on the same table with developed democracies,” notes Marichikj.

EU, says the Deputy PM, has shown it has a plan and responsibility to the country.

“We have a plan as well, one that we have to realize through joint efforts by all political stakeholders, validating the opportunity that we have been given by 2030,” underlines Marichikj.

During the visit to Brussels, Deputy PM Marichikj met with MEPs of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Group of the Greens, and Group of the European People’s Party.