Macedonia has been a stable, secure, and committed NATO member for two years, fulfilling one of the most important national priorities, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Maricic wrote in a Facebook post marking the country’s second NATO membership anniversary.

According to him, NATO membership is “a same path” with integration into the European Union, a path that constantly provides reforms, human rights, individual freedoms, rule of law.

Together with the Allies, we ensure democracy, economic stability and growth, and above all, peace and mutual protection. In these difficult times of military aggression on European soil, we appreciate even more the fact that we are part of the North Atlantic Alliance and are aware of the difference between belonging and non-belonging to NATO and the benefits of allying in addressing global challenges, Maricic said.

By becoming a member of the Alliance, the Deputy Prime Minister said, we have shown our readiness to participate in the common defense system, reaffirming our active contribution to peace and stability and together with our allies we continue to fulfill the ideal of a free Europe, a Europe living in peace.