Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic met Monday with the Dutch Ambassador Dirk Jan Kopp and discussed dynamics of the European integration process, continuation of the cooperation between the two countries as well as Dutch’s financial support for projects in Macedonia.

The support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the process of starting negotiations with the European Union is important to us. At today’s meeting with Ambassador Jan Kopp, we reaffirmed that the EU enlargement policy is important for the stability and progress of the region, as it provides unique rules regarding democracy, the rule of law, human rights, but also a larger market and investment. Macedonia remains firmly committed to the EU accession process and I expect that in the coming period we will work together with our European partners to accelerate the dynamics of the process with committed work on comprehensive reforms, ​​Maricic said.

Deputy Prime Minister Maricic and Dutch Ambassador Jan Kopp also discussed the expansion of traditional support for reforms with an emphasis on the rule of law and the judiciary, as well as the progress in cooperation between our country and Bulgaria to completely remove the veto towards a final start of accession negotiations with the bloc, emphasizing Dutch support for the country’s European future.