Bojan Maricic knew about Mijalkov’s escape for three days and did nothing, is there any clearer proof of the Zaev-Mijalkov agreement, VMRO-DPMNE asks.

Maricic hid the information that Mijalkov planned to escape and he helped implement the Zaev-Mijalkov plan. Mijalkov, who was helped by the government, got to the Public Prosecutor’s Office with a black government Passat vehicle, where he made all the circus for Zaev’s needs and acted surprised. The Zaev-Mijalkov plan also involved the Public Prosecutor, who allowed Mijalkov 40 minutes after he reported himself, instead of going under house arrest to parade in front of the cameras in favor of Zaev. For this, either Ruskovska should resign or Maricic should leave. The whole public sees the Zaev-Mijalkov coalition. The people are against the crime coalitions and there will be accountability, said the party.