Bojan Maricic called for responsibility or, practically, called for lynching – that is impermissible.

This is the position of professor Gordan Kalajdziev, who considers the reaction of the Minister of Justice as pressure on the judges; Bojan Maricic, in which he comments on the decision for Saso Mijalkov to be released from detention.

Maricic’s move faces criticism, especially as he cites only two of the three judges who made the decision, which would mean he knew how they voted, even though the vote was secret.

Professor Kalajdziev believes that in this way the Minister is forcing the judges to break the law.

Practically, he calls for their responsibility or lynching. It is impermissible, it is pressure on judges to act against the law. The law requires and pressures toward people defending themselves from freedom. The law requires detention to be a last resort. If there is little risk of escaping, there is no detention unless there is a clear risk. If it is only theoretical, he should be allowed to defend himself from freedom, Kalajdziev told “A1on”.

After his first post, Maricic edited it in ten minutes and added a request to the Judicial Council to investigate the grounds on which the judges decided to release Mijalkov. According to Kalajdziev, the Judicial Council is the first to say that the Minister should not interfere in the work of the court and the judges.