The list of group New Year pardons is made by the prisons, they submit it to the Ministry of Justice, and from there the list of names of those who want to get out of prison earlier is forwarded to the Pardon Commission in the Cabinet of the President. This is a regular procedure that is conducted before the New Year holidays.

The list of names that was published yesterday and caused a series of public reactions has been returned to the prison authorities for consideration. The authorities say that the list is not final and that no disputed name will be found on it.

The list of group New Year pardons according to formal criteria is made by prisons. Last week it was technically forwarded to the President’s Cabinet for consideration. That list is not final and is not proposed by the Ministry of Justice, wrote the Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic on Facebook.

He added that after seeing it on Friday, he started the procedure for its withdrawal, which was formalized yesterday.

With my signature, I returned the list to the prisons for reconsideration, Maricic wrote.