There is no such option as self-exclusion in the DUI party Statute, neither we have ever stated that we self-exclude ourselves from the party. We think differently, but it doesn’t mean that we are not party members. We are just dissatisfied with the selection of some DUI ministers in the Government, Visar Ganiu, Mayor of Cair and part of the DUI fraction called “Fiery Group”, said in an interview with Republika on Wednesday.

Ganiu in the interview talks about the current situation in DUI and the direction the party took following the latest turbulence.

“I’ll repeat: we are not expelled from the party. We are demanding personnel changes within the party because this group of ministers is the weakest since DUI was founded. They bullied everyone in the central leadership, preceded by the expulsion of all public institutions’ managers who thought like us. At the meeting of the central leadership where it happened, there was no report as to why our supporters are replaced. They went straight to voting, knowing that there are no members of our group present, while the others were under tremendous pressure, so it went as it did”, Ganiu revealed to Republika.

Ganiu pointed out that they are focused on Artan Grubi and several other ministers, but he doesn’t know why the leader Ahmeti trusts him so much.

“DUI is not the same party anymore, it doesn’t operate as we are used to. We have never seen our party like this. It is total anarchy, we have a cacophony of statements. We are not invited to any party events, they erased us from all social networks accounts and groups. They already had two meetings to which we were not invited”, he commplained.

Ganiu is certain that their group has enormous support from the DUI members.

“The support is larger than we expected. Wherever we go, people sustain huge pressure, both public administration employees and those with private businesses. They even monitor photos on social networks to see who is drinking coffee with whom. It was never DUI’s way of operating. We have always been a stable and serious political subject. The support is really large, we have daily communication with the voters, they see us as a voice for the salvation of the party, the ones who will remove DUI from the erroneous path”, Ganiu said.

The Mayor of Cair believes that they will achieve what they are fighting for from within the party, hence they still don’t think about joining the ethnic Albanian opposition block.

“We are not fighting for personal gains, but to return DUI on the correct path because the polls show decreased support. We want to stop that fall and learn from our mistakes. Artan Grubi’s group has no chance to win among the party members, only by usurping the party, because we are merely conveying the will of the members, Ganiu stressed.

Commenting on the contract with Bechtel&Enka, where Artan Grubi is also a central figure, Ganiu says that no one is against the construction of the corridors – the way it is carried out is very problematic.

“The Coordinator of that project is a man who has never worked in urbanism, he doesn’t even know the basics, I really don’t know how will he manage a project like that. It also remains unclear why they refuse to publish the contract since we invested a lot in recent years to improve transparency. But, Grubi’s style is to manipulate and spin by PR stunts”, Ganiu says.