We took measures according to all recommendations given to us, what we had under our competence we as a municipality did our best, claims the mayor of Cair, Visar Ganiu, who went on Monday into self-isolation due to contact with an infected person.

We were considered a municipality that had the least number of patients, and before the end of Ramadan fasting we had only three who only had Cair address and did not live there. I would not like to prejudge and enter into analyzes for which, as a local government, we have neither the competencies nor the professional people to do so. Of those diagnosed with Covid-19 today, only 4 or 5 live in Cair, and the rest are from nearby municipalities or settlements. I don’t see the logic of just putting Cair on lockdown. We are not solving this problem only with Cair and if something is done, it must be done jointly for the whole of Skopje. Cair is an artery through which two other municipalities are connected, Butel and Suto Orizari, where all roads pass through Cair, Ganiu said on Monday.